Graham Corbould Dip LCM (TD)

Singer Songwriter

Graham plays a wide selection of original songs and selected covers from noted songwriters.
The original songs cover a wide range of topics, some with humour others, more serious.
Every original song has a story and these are shared with the audience.
Graham draws from of other writers, all with strong lyrical content.
The songs played are tailored to the requirement of your event and audience.

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Old Compton Street
The Morning After (The Night Before)

Since the late 1980s Graham Corbould has been doing the rounds of folk and acoustic clubs in London and the South East playing his own songs, selected covers and guitar instrumentals. Add in the odd story and humorous anecdote and an enjoyable evening is in store.

As a song writer, Graham addresses a wide spectrum of topics, feelings and issues. Never forgetting that audiences are there to be entertained, much effort is put into making songs accessible through strong choruses and verses which carry a story. The stories are varied in topic, not limited to love and loss, but tell of many things. Some have a rye humour about them others address more serious topics.

The guitar features prominently, with self written instrumentals; by day Graham is a guitar tutor. in 2009 Graham was awarded Guitar Tutor of the year award by the Registry of Guitar Tutors.

So that's the history, the present is about entertaining audiences and creating great music.

Caption Graham at BBC Kent

Graham at BBC Kent for a live session on the folk radio show.

Graham has also had a number of Prestigious support spots - Oyster Band, Phil Odgers (The Men They Couldn’t Hang, Chicken Shack.

Graham’s song “It's the Little things” reached the semi-finals of the UK Songwriting Contest.

After submitting various examples of his work, Graham was awarded a place on a songwriting workshop directed by Sir Ray Davies.